Our Story

With the possible exceptions of the brilliant dominance of athletes Lindsay Vonn and Shawn White, perhaps the most important development in the world of sports and production during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was the birth of K2 Creative Productions.

OK, OK, we kid. But inspired by the world’s best athletes striving for perfection, K2 Creative Productions aimed to bring the same Olympic spirit to event productions.

Born out of the success of overcoming a difficult production challenge: how to deliver studio-quality production from the top of a mountain during extreme weather for an international audience, the two K’s – Kris Severson and Kutcher Miller – realized that their combined talents and experience as creative media content producers and event production managers resulted in a uniquely versatile, client-friendly, technically-savvy collaborative team that possesses the creative vision, technical resourcefulness, instinctive curiosity and competitive drive to deliver engaging stories across every conceivable technical platform.

OK, so what do we actually DO here?

The answer is simple: if you are a client who demands creative excellence, compelling story telling, unique set design, live sound & lighting, and WOW-inspiring video wherever your event requires, then just call us. Whether it’s to a live crowd, on television, the internet or a targeted media delivery, K2 Creative Productions will deliver your message on time and on budget. A trusted team that understands every intricacy of your mission and also happens to be a joy to work with.